Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Etsy Lovin

Last weeks Etsy lovin was so fun, and there are SOOOO many more wonderful things out there, I decided to do it again! :)

One of my favorite items on etsy right now is this Mother's Ring. I would have to add a couple more stones, but I just LOVE it!
Source here

This apron is so cute! Red apples on a brown background. I have an apron made from this sweet lady and her work is wonderful! Very well crafted!
Source here

This print would be amazing in my sewing room... oh yeah! :)

This sign is tooo cute, perfect for a front porch! Plus... it's YELLOW :)
Source here

My friend, Mrs. Mobunny makes BEAUTIFUL aprons, dresses, jumpers and more!!!! She doesn't have an etsy, but her shop is

Isn't this beautiful and clever! A great way to keep your yarn from rolling all around the floor as you work. Nice idea.
Source here

YELLOW knitted dishcloths... LOVE!
Source here

I hope you enjoyed browsing etsy with me!

My Cup Runneth Over...

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  1. I am thrilled over that yarn bowl! Never heard of such a thing but it's brilliant!