Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Etsy Lovin

I enjoy looking around Etsy from time to time... There are so many very talented people out there and it is inspiring to look around and see what all is out there.
I have picked out a few of my recently favorite items to share with you today.

I want to order this for myself SOOOO badly, but I just can't.
This is my favorite item on etsy right now.
A table runner with depression era fabrics. I am online friends with this lady through a message board and her work is GORGEOUS!!!!!! Carlie once got a dress that she made.
Best of all, it is backed with YELLOW! YELLOW! I love YELLOW!!!
Source here

Is this gorgeous or what??!?!!?
I absolutely love the color and the waves. Amazingly beautiful.
Source here

Another favorite... her shop as well as being one of my favorite online friends! :)
Isn't this the sweetest nightgown you have EVER seen????
I love it, I need to order one for my Carlie Jean!
Source here

All of you who have been here for any amount of time, KNOW how I love color and yarn...
What a combination!
Look at those colors! SO bright and vibrant!
Source here

That's the only word for this next pick!

I would love to have this in my home. The work involved here is so amazing!
Source here

Another online friend who has some really neat items!

Perfect for a pot of cilantro in your windowsill!
Source here

I adore this shirt.
I might have to order one for myself. :)
It is the only thing I have listed that is in my price range. LOL!
Source here

One of these days, when I complete a whole knitted sweater... I'm going to embellish it with these buttons! :)
Source here

Hope you had fun browsing etsy with me!
Remember we have an etsy store of our own. Browse around if you like. :)
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My Cup Runneth Over...


  1. You listed some of my favorites-
    And YOU of course! ;)

    I love that shirt!

    I love Etsy, its where I can sell my stuff too!

  2. thanks a lot, Chas. as if i needed more goodies to add to my list. LOL

    do you know, my Sophie's favorite color is yellow! she's my Sunny Girl. :D


  3. what a sweetie you are Chas! great picks though I love everything here!

  4. You've got good taste, Girl!!!

  5. I love etsy. We do the same and go through from time to time. Even though I love to shop there. I buy a lot of great neat gifts there.(one of a kind) My girls love finding neat headbands,coloring pencils,and always save and spend there money at the Kittyrobot shop. Take care