Friday, February 18, 2011

On my mind... 2-18-11

Rhonda Jean opened up a new post where we can share with one another... I think it is a super idea. So many like-minded people out there that we haven't 'met' yet! :)

My photo is part of a collage of fabrics I have on my living room wall. I stitched inspiring words on a few of them to help remind me to smile, to choose joy, etc.
I love walking past them, it is a beautiful burst of color, vintage fabrics and lovely words.
I hope you smile today too! :)

My Cup Runneth Over...

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  1. Chassy, you should totally add some of those to your etsy shop!! I have long adored the fabric-in-a-hoop, but I'd never thought of actually adding a bit of embroidery to them--genius! (And hey, did you used a vintage sheet? Adorable!)

    Mamalama loves Chas <3