Thursday, February 24, 2011

It's signing time

Last year as part of our homeschooling work, the children learned a great many signs. Basically just words. We were able to fumble our ways through sentences, but just like any language... there are rules.
Thankfully now, we have a teacher.
Our cousin, Jessica!
She is teaching us greetings, sentences and more. 
We love our class! Hopefully the children... and I :) will be able to use these 'words' we have learned and move forward in our abilities.
Stay tuned. Maybe soon I will be able to take a video of the children signing to you and I could translate.
Little miss cutie patootie had to jump in... if you are taking pictures, you definitely want ME! ;)

I hope you are enjoying learning something new too!

My Cup Runneth Over...


  1. Yay for signing! How fortunate you are to have someone knowlegeable right in your own family! Emma and I have played around with signing songs--I sing, she signs. We're probably not doing it correctly, but we're having fun! :)


  2. We teach the little ones in my home daycare.
    We started using Signing Time videos from the library.
    The kiddos love it.
    Last school year, my daughter went to a homeschool coop for her 1st official ASL course ... to be continued as we can afford the materials.