Wednesday, February 9, 2011

In stitches

This picture consists of things that I am working on right now. After being soooo inspired by this post as well as this one
and this new book
courtesy of my swagbucks account I am eager to try my hand at some new clothing for me!
Making clothing for myself is not entirely new to me. I have made quite a few skirts in the past, but I am attempting to graduate up to some blouses and hopefully a few more skirts that are a bit more challenging and have a better fit.

I dug out some vintage fabrics as well as some that I have had lying around for quite some time. The corduroy is from my grandmother. I am eager to make something nice and warm out of the brown and the blue vintage corduroy!
The bottom stripes is a jersey fabric that I bought a ton of when it was next to nothing at Wal-Mart.

The fabrics to the right are a little bit of beauty that I am making into this, but only in a smaller version.
And the lovely wool. I am still undecided. I am considering dying it with some elderberry juice before I knit it up into something scrumptious. I just am not sure yet.
Any ideas???
By the way, I can't wait to show you what I finished first.
I will have the first of the projects coming up tomorrow!
My Cup Runneth Over...


  1. Dearest Chas, Freckles is adorable. You and your children all look so content and are even more adorable. :) Wow! What a wonderful farm you have now, cows;goats;chickens. I bet the eggs were delicious, so very fresh. Thank you as always for the recipes. I want to try the angel cake, sounds yummy.
    Stay warm dear Lady. Have fun sewing your new clothes. Always fun to have something new to wear, especially when you have made it yourself.
    By His Grace, May the Lord continue to shower blessings on you, Cynthia

  2. shut up! i was just thinking about Farmama and that very book just last night!! i can't wait to get to Heaven so we can hang out together. in our designed-it-ourself white robes. i think i'd like some ribbon embroidery on mine, how about you?