Friday, February 11, 2011

The Dance of the... Mamie

Carlie called to me this morning in between laughing uncontrollably... I had no idea of what was going on.
Laughing, she said,
Moma,  you gotta watch this...
And she began to dance around with Mamie following her lead.
I started giggling and Cameo ran for the camera
Mamie... you are the silliest of goats.
And we love you so very, very much!
May you find joy in the little things.

My Cup Runneth Over...


  1. Oh my gosh that is so so funny!!! What a smart little goat!

  2. So funny! Mamie has no idea she is a goat, in her mind, she is people! Thanks for the giggle today Chas. Hope you have a blessed weekend!

  3. If it weren't you.......I wouldn't believe it !!

  4. What a hoot! I'd love to see that in real life.

  5. Dearest Chas, Your Mamie must love Carlie very much to imitate her and want to hear her giggle with joy. What a delight! Who would have a thought a goat could follow a little girls lead and dance. Great pictures. I love the way Mamie is looking at her in each shot.
    Have a blessed weekend. Thank you for the laugh and smile you shared. What an encouragement you are Chas.
    By His Grace, Cynthia

  6. That is the most precious little moment!!! How wonderful for your children to experience it.

  7. Cute, cute, cute blog post. I came over from Rabbit Trails... MoBunny said we would like it... and I did