Thursday, January 13, 2011

Washing Dishes: Have we lost something?

A while back, I decided not to fill up my dishwasher, but instead have the children help me wash up our dishes.

It was such a sweet time. I realized that while loading the dishwasher might be convienient, it wasn't as pleasant a time as was washing dishes with my girls.
We talked, we laughed, we got the job done... with excellence. It was a time where you can't help but converse while standing at the sink together.
It was lovely.
And you know what???
The dishwasher has remained empty since...
My Cup Runneth Over...


  1. I know that feeling as we do the same whenever we can get the chance. (Love the matching aprons) take care

  2. Our dishwasher broke a year ago and we never replaced it. What a wonderful way to spend time and save money! (Our water bill went down 20 dollars from not using the dishwasher!)
    Love your blog!

  3. Dearest Chas, Ahhh! Domestic Bliss. Yes? Love working beside my daughter too. Enjoyed catching up with you on your latest posts. Hope you are all warm and snuggled in together. God Bless you!
    By His Grace, Cynthia

  4. This is a heart-warming post with precious pictures. Keep it up! How could you possibly regret this decision????

  5. I wish I had been a more kind daughter when it came to doing dishes with my mom and sister. If it wasn't an enjoyable experience, it wasn't my mom's fault. She would visit and I would sulk. We didn't get a dishwasher in our new kitchen.......they're really hard on old dishes and we use mostly old.......I doubt I will ever wish I had made room for a dishwasher. I think it is a good exercise for girls to take part in..........buy groceries, bake and cook, eat, clean up. The old fashioned way!

  6. It's good for boys too! My 19 year-old and I often catch up over a sink of suds. It's amazing the things you learn while washing dishes--things you might otherwise never know!

    I enjoy your blog so much Chas. Thanks for the peak into your heart!

  7. Chas!!! :) :) My little girls are such joyful helpers, too--precious, priceless, fills my heart with thankfulness!


  8. What a wonderful idea. I will have to remember this when my littles can help do this with me. The first picutre of you and your dd is just precious.