Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Taking another step...

Well, as I shared with you last week about our dishwashing time together, we took another step and instead of just not using the dishwasher, we sold it. :)
Here is what we were left with.
I have plans for finishing the inside and making some bins for potatoes and onions, but for now...
It is a perfect spot for a couple of our grain buckets, coconut oil, and the stepping stool for my little helper. :)
Just one more step toward becoming less dependant on 'things'. Yeah.... and the memories we will make in the process.
It's all good.
My Cup Runneth Over...


  1. Good for you. That is great and I bet your bins will look great. I have them on wheels and love the pull out and everything is so neater. Take care and enjoy the snow

  2. you could sew a little curtain to cover it up too:)

  3. A curtain is a great idea .....
    I call them window skirts! You can change them with the seasons and holidays.

  4. We took out our dishwasher over 2 years ago when it broke. I didn't want another one, so I had my husband put shelves inside the opening. I made a curtain to go over the opening. It's now my canning cabinet, with my home canned food, empty jars and such. I really love it. :)