Thursday, January 27, 2011

Sprucing Up

Nothing like hosting a Bible Study in your home to get you in the mood to clean those, um... *cough* ... more neglected rooms of your home. I remember one time when I offered to let a new Mama lay their wee babe on my bed. I told her that our bedroom can sometimes be the room that gets left out.

She sighed and sad, "How sad... this is your honeymoon suite."
It kinda stuck with me... I was thinking of how often this room is looked over.
Yes, this room is basic. A bed, a dresser... end of story.
Functional, but still I would like for it to look nice, something more inviting. :)

You can print your own Mr. Darcy quote here

The small picture above with the words is something I printed out yesterday.
Such a romantic quote...
  You must allow me to tell you how ardently I admire and love you. 
I told my Sweetie where the quote came from and how that he can be my Mr. Darcy. haha
So after a bit of time and work, our little love nest is all fresh and clean.
We won't talk about the fact that there is no carpet or flooring, or the fact that the trim is still somewhat smudged from the robin's egg blue paint...
No, we will focus on the pretty. And it sure is pretty right now. :)
My Cup Runneth Over...


  1. you are invited to follow my blog

  2. That is so true our bedroom is the same. It's the room where everything gets dumped until I finally get the energy to go through it and put it in the right rooms. It's the last bed to get made (if it does at all) It's where the cloths are brought upstairs after being washed and folded and then sit there till we go to bed and either stacked in a basket on the floor or put away. It's the room that still has only boards on the walls instead of dry wall(except for that one half wall that connects to my weeones room) YEP! our room is that way. (as I keep my other three bedroom for our children clean neat,and pretty) YEP! my room needs me! It needs some loving too!
    Take care and enjoy your room!

  3. i need to do this, too. love P&P!


  4. I try to keep the bed made up at least... but it's hard to decorate with out it looking all feminine. I try to pick colors that compliment my hubby (pale green, brown) and then put a little feminine touch here and there.

  5. Oh, so nice! I love it. Our bedroom is usually the neglected room as well.

    I'm glad I "found" you again. I've always enjoyed your blog!