Thursday, December 9, 2010

Paper Stars

 Hello my friends! What a great day it is looking to be.
I hope you enjoy the stars... I made these up last year and they are so fun I thought I would share the tute with you again.

Start with, some card stock, double sided tape, some scissors, and a ruler, the buttons and glue are optional. :)

Cut 6 two-by-two inch squares in the colors of your choice, I am a traditional gal. I LOVE red and green.

Take one of your squares and fold it in half

Now fold it in half the other way, and now fold into a triangle

This is the only tricky part. 

Fold the outer edges of your triangle towards the middle
Until you have this...

Whew... the hard part is over, it is all down hill from here :)
Do all six squares the same way

Now grab your double-sided tape and get ready to stick.
Hold one of your squares/diamonds and put one small piece of double stick tape on the center of the outside, like so

Now take an alternating color (if you choose) and stick in the same direction onto your first square, so they are both opening in the same way.
Continue this process until all six are stuck together.

Woohoo, we are almost there! :)

When you let go your 'accordion' star will open backwards, that is what it should do, bring it on around until it touches.

Take a last piece of double stick tape and attach the first and last sides together
Once attached you are ready to punch a small hole in the top and run a happy ribbon through and hang on your tree.

Or you can adorn your star by gluing a rhinestone or button to the middle.
Have fun!

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  1. Just popping in to say HELLO!
    Are getting any snow up there? We had a few flurries flying early last evening.

    Jill (the big sister)

  2. Wow, I love those. WE made some last year for our tree after seeing yours.


  3. love! what a deliciously lovely little craft!

  4. Lila saw me reading this and asked if we could make these. Thanks for the tutorial. I love crafts!

  5. Yay! That looks easy! Thinking it might be pretty with some CHRISTmas wrapping paper, or some shiny gold paper, or even some brown paper bags for a crunchy green look...

    I love your blog so much. :)


  6. I really want to do this craft but none of the pictures are showing up... any idea why? or do you have a print out?

    1. Hi Natalie... I have worked to try and make sure the pictures are showing. If you happen back by, please let me know if you can see them now.