Thursday, December 16, 2010

Let's make a stocking

I had a request a few days back from someone wanting to make a stocking.  As I pondered on a tutorial, I decided that I would use something a little different for this.
I  used an old sweater that I have been saving for *just* the right occasion.
It turned out so cute, I know this was the right occasion.

I started out with my stocking as a pattern.
 I laid my stocking on top of the fabric (or sweater in this case) and cut.
The fabric is doubled so I have a front and a back.
Now turn inside out and stitch around the edges but not the top.

Easy, right?
That makes the stocking part.
Now you want to make the cuff.
Measure the opening of your stocking from side to side.
Cut two pieces of fabric as wide as your measurement.
For the length, I just made it a fairly squared square... if that makes sense. ;)

Put right sides together and sew down the sides to form a sleeve.

Turn the cuff right side out  and then you should have your raw edges together.
Place the cuff inside the stocking (right side out) and stitch around the top.

Once finished turn the cuff out and tada! You are finished! Well, except for a way to hang it.
I used some ribbon and sewed it right inside the stocking.
Fill it up with goodies.

 May your day be Merry!
***btw, if you are interested, you can purchase this stocking in the shop***
Heritage Acres Homestead Etsy


  1. I can't believe you posted this....I have an old beloved sweater I'd like to do something special with......pin cushion? hat? stocking?

  2. Merry CHRISTmas Dear Chas, Adorable stockings and I am going to try your breakfast casserole on CHRISTmas morning. I had been looking for a recipe and there it is. Sounds yummy. I like that you are recycling sweaters for this project and the pictures are a great help for a visual learner like me. Prayers that your family is having a lovely CHRISTmas are goin' up
    today. Many Blessings, By His Grace, Cynthia