Monday, November 29, 2010

For the Christmas table...

Well, here it is, finally finished. After a week of sniffles and turkey and counting my blessings, I was able to sew and sew and sew on Saturday and finish this and several other Christmasy projects.
I took these pictures before I sent this through the wash. Let me tell you... with that wonderful cotton batting... oh it comes out so deliciously wrinkly and perfect! I really wish the pictures were taken AFTER the wash. I loved it before, but now it is WONDERFUL!
 It is so cute and fun, and I think it looks FABULOUS on my table. :) haha... I might have to make one for me eventually.
Another great feature....
YES! It's reversable!!!
Now, to wrap it up with a bow and nestle it under our tree.
Merry, Merry!


  1. That's adorable and the reversable-ness is a total bonus!!!

  2. Oh I love it Chas! Are you going to sell them on Etsy?

  3. Gorgeous! LOVE!
    Is it a gift for someone?
    You *deserve* to make yourself one too! ;-)

  4. Very beautiful! I love the fabrics you chose. Good job! Myrtle