Saturday, November 6, 2010

Happy Birthday... to me. :)

On this day 35 years ago my Moma had her first child. A 9 lb 5 oz bouncing baby girl.
I am so glad God saw fit to give me to my parents. I am so grateful for the life He has given me.
I hope to have many, many more years on this ole earth... and I hope to enjoy life to the fullest and appreciate all His many blessings.
Thanks to all you, my friends for your comments and sweetness here on our little blog.
You are all little rays of sunshine that brighten my day!


  1. Oh Happy Birthday to you dear Chas! I hope your day is filled with sunshine, smiles and laughter. You brighten my day every time I pop over for a visit. Grace and peace be yours! By His Grace, Cynthia

  2. Happy Birthday Chas !! I hope your day was wonderful and your next year a blessing !!

  3. Happy Birthday Honey! I'm so blessed to have met you in the intertubes. May God continue to grow you in His ways!

  4. Happy birthday yesterday! I hope your day was as wonderful as you are. :o)

  5. Happy late birthday! We've been out of town as my wedding anniversary is also Nov 6!

  6. Happy Birthday!!!

    Just catching up on some blog reading.
    Hope you had a great day!

    Jill (the big sister)