Monday, October 11, 2010

A visit to Plains, GA

Over the weekend we took a trip to Plains, GA for Shannon's family reunion.  When I knew for sure we were going, I went into 'homeschool Mom' mode and tried to see what we could learn during the trip. Thankfully, Plains has a LOT of history. It is the home of our 39th President, Jimmy Carter.
The picture above was taken at the General Store that was located on his boyhood farm.
My kind of store. :)
Carlie Jean needed to use the facilities. ;) haha
(Not really, I begged her to pose for this picture because of my warped sense of humor)
We had a chance to do a little cotton pickin.
Is anyone else amazed at that little plant?!?!?!
The kids and Aunt Christy were grinding up some corn for the farm animals.
The Park Ranger was incredibly friendly and had a lot of information to share with us. He was also nice enough to take our picture.
Abram decided that he liked him a lot and asked him over to the reunion. :)
He didn't show. haha

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  1. Looks like ya'll had a wonderful time.

    I need to plan a trip ... just to visit that store!!! LOL