Thursday, October 7, 2010

Surprise, Surprise, Surprise

Lookie, Lookie what we found!
We had no idea she was setting. It was a complete surprise! :)

Here is my little worker.
Feeding the chickens is one of his morning chores.
He was especially excited to feed them this morning, so he could visit the babies.
Two more additions to the homestead... what a blessing! :)


  1. OH HOW FUN and neat! We lived on a couple of farms when I was growing up and my mom LOVED her chicks and chickens. It was a fun time, glad your kids and you get to experience it.

  2. How great is the addition of little chicks!
    I love seeing Mumma hen leading the way with little ones in tow

  3. We had a similar surprise a week ago with our old momma cat! Three kitties with only two survivors. :-)