Wednesday, October 27, 2010

A Handmade Dress

With the thoughts of Christmas buzzing around in my head and a baby shower over the weekend, I set out to do a little sewing. I had something in my mind and thankfully, it came out almost perfectly.
I can just imagine it on the little doll I made it for.
Totally scrumptious.

Which got me to thinking about how sweet this little outfit came together. I need to be working on my own Dumplin (Carlie Jean)'s winter wardrobe.
Now to see if I have any more delicious fabric to make my own little doll some sweet little dresses.


  1. Etsy! ;) Love it.

  2. That is just beautiful Chas!
    I am hoping to work in a little time for the older girls and I to make a few items. It would be a lot of fun. :)