Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Crazy Lady here

Hello Friends!
I am guessing you might be wondering where I have been or what I have been up to.
It has been wild around here. First with a super duper busy weekend and then a dental emergency from hades.
Short story there is I had a bad tooth. One that needed extraction.
Tooth broke at our local dentist.
Had to be worked in at an oral surgeon.
Tooth had to be dug the rest of the way out.
In which all this = $$$ and PAIN
But, I am hopeful that I will feel right as rain soon again.
In the meantime if I say something super silly, I blame the pain meds.
And if I am absent,  I am probably snuggling with my children or taking a nap.
Hopefully I will find my camera and be back with you soon to show you the sweetest little dress I made over the weekend.
Total love.
Until then....


  1. Prayers for a speedy healing! Can't blame you one bit for taking the time to snuggle with your little sweeties. :)

  2. Chas (((hugs))). Sounds rough. I think you need some MoBunny brownies....maybe made into a milkshake so you don't have to chew? You'll be in my prayers!!!

  3. Sorry about your tooth. Hope it is better by now.