Monday, September 13, 2010

To Market, To Market

Last Saturday my family and I ventured into a new area...
The local Farmer's Market.
I woke early on Saturday morning and baked up a storm in our little homestead kitchen.
We didn't sell out, but we sold some, made some connections and had a great time.
Some stitchery.
This one was my favorite. Isn't it adorable? :)
Our little table. I thought it looked so sweet. :)
I dipped some candles and they all sold. Woot!
This was the view across from my table.
It started getting pretty warm and so my bunch went to sit under the tree on a bench. I was able to look over and see all the loves of my life. So special.
Jams, Jellies and a little treat for stopping by.

Thank you for stopping by too!


  1. How fun! Looks like you all had a wonderful time. :)

  2. I was wondering how things went. I would have hung around your table.......to visit....

  3. Cute arrangements. I would have loved to come to your farmer's market. Is it year round? Ours goes from May to October.

  4. Looks like fun. For a bit of encouragement, here is a succes story - a friend of mine's husband started his business this way, selling at the farmer's market. And then people would ask him to bake for events and such, asked to be a featured vendor for fairs and fesitvals. From there he developed an online business And now he is in the process of opening up his own bakery. And just think all from selling at the farmers market.

  5. I would have bought up all your rooster stuff! I wish I lived close to you. *sigh* I just know we'd be good friends!

  6. This looks so cute, Friend! I am glad y'all had a good time. We drove by that way (24 was baaaaaaaaaacked UP) on the way home from the popcorn thing but it was about 3pm by then so everyone had packed up. I may try to come poke around next weekend if they're doing it again.