Wednesday, September 29, 2010

A spontaneous field trip

I am SO not the poster girl for spontaneity. I am a planner from WAY back! I mean, I have to get my lists and then for some reason if I plan on going anywhere that is out of our hometown, I feel like I have to clean out the van. (Which is a good thing) :)
So early Monday morning, I received an email from a friend (Thanks Becky!) :) offering us some free passes to the Aquarium for Homeschool Day! We only had to pay for two deeply discounted child passes!
I was like when is it???
Yeah, I think we will... So in about 30ish minutes we were dressed and ready and out the door on our way.
The van was not cleaned, the picnic basket was hardly organized, my hair was in a ponytail (ack!) but we were on our way.
And this little spontaneous field trip turned out to be one of the MOST fun trips we have had in a long time! :)
The aquarium had put together some scavenger hunt pages for the kids. My kids LOVED those!
It was so fun to see the little ones getting excited about finding the answers.
This one was funny... I am terrified of snakes and when I came around the corner to see what they were looking at, Abram pushed the button that made the rattlesnake tale rattle. I nearly jumped out of my skin and the kids laughed and laughed.
They got me really good. haha
I totally LOVE this picture.
Of course the penguin exhibit is always fun! They LOVE sticking their hand in that icy cold water.
And even though this picture is somewhat blurry, I love how sweet it is.
I hope your day is sweet too.

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