Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Real Milk!

My family and I have been blessed for a while now with REAL raw milk, from grass-fed cows! WOOT! We don't have our family cow...yet... but we do have a connection and are able to get milk from a friend. It is absolutely amazing what you can do once you have the real deal!
I realize how dark the picture is... sorry! 
In the half-gallon jar we have buttermilk that has been working, in the quart jar we have sour cream and the pint has kefir.
I didn't even get pictures of the butter, yogurt, milk or cheese that I have! :)
Milk is wonderful!
You might be wondering why I would want to make all these different types of dairy products.

Here are but some kefir health benefits:
# It clears the blood vessels
# gives our bodies a boost in energy
# All natural, relaxing food
# It's a great way to treat lung infections
# Great for our metabolism so it can be used for weight loss diet
# Very good for curing acne
# Has anti-oxidants and anti-aging properties
# It gives that great shin for your hair
# Replenishes body of good bacteria after antibiotic
# A natural way to regulate blood pressure
# Lowers blood sugar
# Great for treating diarrhea

I make my own buttermilk because it is far superior than what you can  buy at the store and it has nothing added that I don't want. Also,  if I can make it at home, then why buy it?
Same goes with sour cream and so on.
I am attempting to cut sugar out of our diet a bit more and I am desperately trying to lose weight.
I am following the regime in this book
I believe in WHOLE foods.
I believe in REAL food.
Not processed, not refined, not enriched. 
I don't believe that just because a fiber bar is only '2 points' that it is something I need to eat!
Right now...
I feel hungry all the time!
I want to eat JUNK, too often.
I feel tired often!
I really, really, really want a change.
I want to feel vibrant and able.
I don't like not having energy.
As I was reading this book last night, it said that all these feelings attribute to the fact that I am nutrient starved! I have been eating, but not eating the right way.
I hope to change that and to help my children not fall in the same bad habits that I have.
I have a long road and a lot of changing that I need to make. 
Have a great day friends!


  1. we finally have a source ($$$$) of raw milk too.

    how do you make your buttermilk?

    and I have not had luck with kefir. the grains I bought did not thrive and were tiny and sand like.

  2. Good for you my friend!! By the way, what should I do with this cheese? :)

    I have been keeping track of my eating lately, trying to make sure I get 2000 calories a day (for Baby's sake) and making sure that HALF of my calories are from fat. Takes me about 15 minutes a day, depending on what I've eaten and how much research I have to do. My body never feels hungry although my mouth still sometimes does. It's going pretty well so far, as long as I don't fall off the wagon and overindulge in garbage. Working through the cravings for the crap I don't need is much easier when my body is actually nourished with what it does need.

    My fridge is full of jars like yours and hardly anything is labeled. I know what it all is but no one else does. Heaven forbid something should happen to me, they'd have to throw it all out :D

  3. Oh, Chas, I know the feeling of needing to lose the weight. I did really good last year and lost 30lbs. I felt so good and then gained it all back. I would love to know what your daily diet consists of to give me an idea.

  4. I love seeing just how healthy you and your family are eating! I have been canning like crazy lately (even writing a post on it now), and it makes me feel great that I know where our food is coming from and that it is junk free!
    I am looking to add raw milk to our diet. We eat lots of raw fruits and veggies, and we are working on tweaking what we eat more and more.
    Great post!

  5. Very good! Don't forget to talk about the economics of all this good stuff. A $5 (or $7 or $10) gallon of raw milk can be turned into 4 quarts of cream-on-top yogurt (a $23 dollar value if purchased at the store).

    And I'm rethinking what I told you on the butter costs. If you turn the skim into cottage cheese or buttermilk, then the butter $$ isn't so bad. It is nice to have raw butter to spread on your bread (but don't waste it for cooking & baking until you've got a cow of your own!)

    Holler if you want info on cottage cheese making.