Monday, September 27, 2010

My Abram talks to Jesus

My children know about Jesus. We talk about Him daily, we serve Him and Love Him. We worship Him and know our lives are here on this earth for Him.
My oldest three children have already asked Jesus in their heart.
We were so very happy when each of them seen their own need of salvation, and Shannon and I helped them... talking and guiding them to truly understand what they were doing.
Back to Abram.
My Abram is a thinker.
He could not figure things out in his head.
He knew he loved Jesus.
He knew Jesus loved him.
When we would talk about heaven and Jesus, he would admit that he had never been saved. We would talk to him and he would say, "No... I don't want to go to God."
We just continued to pray and ask God to show him when it was time.
Sunday morning our pastor gave an example at the end of the service. He said that one of these days Jesus will put His arm around us and say, Father... this one's mine. He/She was bought and paid for with my blood.
During the analogy, big sister (Cameo) went up front. Abram looked at me and wanted to know why she was going up.
I explained it to him and said that Bro. Clay knew that Cameo was a Christian and so he was showing how one day Cameo would meet Jesus.
He looked straight at me and said. "I'm ready to go to God... I want to ask Jesus in my heart."
My heart nearly exploded. We talked and he said he wanted to talk with Brother Clay and so there he went, all by himself and told our pastor just what he wanted to do.
He knew. Jesus had made it clear to him in his little ole 5 year old heart.
And he knows now.
He smiles and tells me,
"Now I KNOW Moma... now I KNOW that one day, I'm going to God."

Thank you Jesus, for your AMAZING Grace.


  1. Absolutely beautiful. I love when little ones grasp It!

  2. Dear Chas,
    I have tears in my eyes reading this. Precious, absolutely precious. Thank you for sharing this with us.

  3. Praise the Lord! That's wonderful news!

  4. Praise to God....is it any wonder He loves children so much? Congratulations on this wonderful news. :-)