Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Life and Death

Life is very present on the farm...
Last night we witnessed that fact.
Our 'baby chicks' are getting very big now.
Our teenage chickens, "Laverne and Shirley" are all grown up.
Eggs are abundant since we started giving a bit more grain while the ladies are molting.
The evening was beautiful and not terribly hot... a hopeful sign of fall (another sign of life as time is passing by).

Then, we encountered death.

Polka-dots our Barred Rock was found dead.
Carlie was sad. She said Polka-dots was her favorite.

Dad was away, so the 'man of the house' had to take over.
Those are some nice gloves, eh? Socks are so useful for farm chores. haha
Aside from him carrying a dead chicken, look at how huge my son is becoming. He really is starting to look like the 'man of the house', right? Well, he will be 8!!! next month!

While Eli was taking care of the carcass, the two littles wanted to dig a hole.
Bless their hearts, they worked so hard... this ole sandy soil is not easy to dig in.

Death is hard.
Death is not pleasant.
Death is a reminder that life is precious.
Life is a gift and a blessing that we need to cherish.
We need to stop and praise God for the life that surrounds us each day, and thank Him for each breath we take.


  1. I am so sorry that ya'll lost a chicken. I lost a couple due to our HOT weather this summer. Always sad to lose one.
    Lisa :O)

  2. It's so hard to lose the animals we've spent time caring for and grown close to. Do you know what happened to Polka-Dot? Our dogs got some of our chickens a while back. Frustrating!

  3. Aww. Sorry about Polka Dots. Chickens are pets, too. :(