Thursday, September 16, 2010

Bag Lady Angel

My family has a long line of crafters... I remember my Nannie Red was always busy with some type of craft project, whether it be crocheting the grandkids a pair of slippers or making accessories for her kitchen or embroidering pillow cases for her family for Christmas... her hands always had the next project going. My Mother, and her two sisters are very craft savvy and then their youngest brother married a wonderful lady who of course was crafty. :) *hooray!*

A long while back Aunt Tracey set up at craft fairs with her Mom and Dad and they would make some of the prettiest things.
Some of my favorite memories are the festivals that we attended and Tracey's family had a booth. It is the same festival I set up in a few years back. :)

At my recent visit to the Farmer's Market, many ladies asked me if I had something made to house grocery store sacks.
I didn't have anything made.
I realized I could easily make up a sleeve with some elastic and call it good, but I just couldn't... I adore my bag angel and I thought others might like them too.

I am pretty pleased with her turnout considering I just had to 'wing it'.
I hope to post her on etsy today.
Of course, you can get her with any color of skirt and hair ribbon... she needs to color coordinate with your room! :)

She's a bit like me and needs a little tan. 
She's like me in other ways too
She has a bit of a full belly, once you add your bags...
but, we won't talk about that right now. ;)

I do love her patchwork apron. 
I wouldn't mind having one myself.
Every lady needs an apron when working in their kitchen.
I think she is a sweet addition to any home. On the wall in your country kitchen or hanging on a hook in  your laundry room or just on your back door. Having a convenient place to store those grocery sacks is a good thing.

For now, I have to run... lots to accomplish this week. 
Have a beautiful day!


  1. I grew up in the age where fridge ornaments with magnets on them were 'neat'. Also feathers and styrofoam balls.....wish I had one of those bird cages from the mid 70's crafters used to make. My mom had a box with our crafty things in it: sequins, pins, felt, bug eyes, glue, stretchy foam, magnets. We called it "Making Bugs". My Grandma always had an embroidery project going. She did cross stitch patterns on gingham. I have lots of the cloths she decorated. Granny crocheted with yarn and she made rag rugs. Hers were REAL rags, not purchased color coordinated fabric from the store. I have her wooden crochet hook she used all those years. If you're going to sit around, at least have your little busy basket close by!!

  2. So cute Chas! I think she needs a ribbon around her "waist" though. I love her face! She's making the most out of a pretty unappreciated job :) And her wings- you are so clever!

  3. I wish I had your talent. I am a Crafter-wanna-be. I prefer "social" crafting. :)
    Anyway, I love love love your bag lady. She is as cute as can be.

  4. So cute! And way better than my method of storing plastic bags (which is to shove them into another plastic bag under the kitchen or bathroom sink!). I am not a crafter...I often wish I were, but at least I get to enjoy other's creativity! :)

  5. Chas,
    Our family has been thinking and praying for your family.
    My husband ran across a million(maybe not,but close) huge pinecones. When he ask me if I could do something with them, I thought sure, mail them to you. I have never been able to do anything crafty. I thought maybe you could make scented or painted decorations out of them. Anyway if you are interested I can send you some. If you like them, my husband said he could go get as many as you wanted and we will get them to you. We live in WNC.
    The one I measured was a little over 9 inches long, I'm not sure how big around.
    Just let me know.