Thursday, August 5, 2010

Homestead Pictures

Moma Hen and Baby Chicks
Preparing for winter
Got Milk?
My boys coming in from chores
Laverne (Shirley didn't get in the picture)
Beautiful Harvest
Muckboots and Play-Dresses 
Soaked Grain Bread in the Summer Kitchen
Canning Time
A Good Moma protecting her young


  1. I blew up my stove last year, canning. So when I went to get a new one they told me that if I do a lot of canning, and I do, that I should not get a ceramic smooth top stove. I see that you have one and probably have had no problemms. I would have much rather preferred the smooth top. Love your baby chicks, we haven't hatched out any this year.:(

  2. Beautiful pictures - gives a feeling of peace and wonder.

  3. I can't have a farm, but at least you do. I know there are things around every corner to enjoy. I love play dresses and mama hens.