Thursday, August 12, 2010

Chattanooga Ducks Field Trip

Our latest field trip happened upon Abram's birthday. I wasn't sure if the trip would make him feel like we were skipping part of his birthday 'day' or if he would like it...
Now, I know.
It tickled him. :)
We were able to get a huge discount because we are part of our local homeschool group, so it made the trip feasible for us to take.

If the ride itself wasn't fun enough, the guide had TONS of information, and he was SO nice. Letting the kids all take turns driving the DUCK.

The picture below is where we were headed to 'splash down' into the Tennessee River. Abe was slightly nervous... haha
Once we actually hit the water, he said to me numerous times...
That wasn't scary, Mom! :)
Eli of course, wanted to know how much the craft weighed.
19,750 lbs without occupants.
I love that kid!
Cameo and I sat in the back, Abe swapped back and forth.
Could these next two pictures be any sweeter???

The DUCK when in use did not have any seats except for the Captain and Co-Captain.
It had hangers for wounded soldiers and could hold 8 cots.
If it was being used in the war it had a machine gun attached to the front. and the rest was full of ammunition.
Chattanooga is really a beautiful city.
Our fearless Captains above. :)

What a great day with my kids!
What a great field trip!


  1. We have Seattle Ducks, and have gone on the San Diego "Seals" too. They are so very fun!