Monday, July 26, 2010

A special treat

Last night the children and I attended a concert at my Aunt and Uncle's church. I had debated on whether to go or not, it is almost an hours drive and I knew Shannon would be at a meeting at our church.
We ended up going and I am so glad we did...
These children are from the Uganda Orphan Children Choir. They were so beautiful and their concert was just wonderful.
My children and I sat on the front row. The two youngest did not move while they were singing and dancing. They were completely mesmerized.
The children were so lively and active it was difficult for me to take a good picture. I really need to get some type of attachment to my camera so I can take action shots.
They were completely amazing!

My Carlie Jean said, "Ok, Moma... do we get to adopt an orphan now?"
I suppose since there were 10 right there on stage, that surely we were going to finally get to adopt a child. :)
I wish it were so simple for us...
It is something we have talked about for a long while now, and the statistics of how many children are in need of a family is staggering.
It made my heart heavy...
Here is the website and ow you can help support a child.
Uganda Orphan Children Choir


  1. Thx for this post. I have read a lot about the Ugandan orphans over the years b/c I work in asylum/refugee law. One of my good friends was in the Peace Corps in Uganda for 2 years and has also shared many stories w/ me. The whole situation is just heartbreaking (as is adopting, but we'll save that story for another day ;)).

  2. What a blessing to see these kids and the wonderful opportunity they have received! We always enjoy going when they are here in Edmonton, Alberta as well - and yes! you always end up wanting to adopt them.... so many children - in our own country as well - so many needs! But this choir event gives hope that it only takes one person with a vision and a lot of change can happen.... keep on!!