Wednesday, July 21, 2010


On Monday, I canned peaches for the first time! It was great! They were wonderfully flavorful and so pretty! I usually just freeze our peaches, but I use a lot of peaches throughout the year for cobblers and thought that canning some would be ideal. No, these did not come from our tree... our trees are still too young. But one day, I have hopes that our tree will produce such beauties! Mmmm, peaches! :)
Canning peaches is quite simple.
I blanched the peaches first so the skin would slip right off. Then I cut them in slices and squeezed lemon juice all over to help prevent browning.
I filled quart jars with peaches and then a simple syrup.
Add a lid and a band and place in a hot water bath canner for about  20-25 minutes.
Bring your jars out and set them on an absorbent towel until COMPLETELY cooled. 12 hours or so.
That's it!!


  1. Wow- I never realized it was that easy! How do you make a simple syrup?? I am planning on going to get a flat of peaches soon, and would LOVE to can some. I usually freeze, too, but am trying to can more lately!

  2. That's how we do our peaches too. We did some halves and some slices last year. If the peaches have good flavor you can make the simple syrup weaker-- amazing how we haven't missed the extra sugar.

  3. I can't wait for peach season to begin here. I too planted some peach trees and am waiting, impatiently, for them to grow. I buy local peaches at the farmers' market around the first of August to can, make peach nectar and peach jam. Yum!