Thursday, July 1, 2010

Make your own Yogurt

How to make your own plain yogurt!
1 quart of whole milk
2 Tbsp. yogurt, this can be store bought or from your last batch, it is your starter (plain and full fat!)

Bring a quart of milk to 180 degrees gently.  Then cool it to 110 degrees.  Add a small amount of milk to a wide mouth quart jar.  Add 2 Tbsp yogurt to the jar.  Swirl the yogurt  around in the milk to mix well and then carefully add as much of the rest of the milk as you can fit in the jar. 
Now put the lid on your jar and put your jar in a little lunchbox size cooler and fill the cooler with the hottest tap water you have up to the neck of the jar.  Loosen the lid just a bit and close the lunchbox.  Set it somewhere that it won’t be bothered or opened. 
I did mine right before bed and by the morning my yogurt was ready.  Tighten your lid back up and put it in the fridge! 

Use for smoothies, with your granola, eat it as is, or use in substitute for sour cream!


  1. Thanks for sharing this recipe.
    I've been wanting to try making yogurt.
    It's nice when folks share what they are making because it's usually good.
    I tried your squash with Braggs.
    and healthy too!!!
    We fried some squash this week too and I think I like it better with the braggs.

  2. This recipe sounds wonderful!! We love to eat yogurt around here, so I am definately going to try this! Can I add flavors, like vanilla, or fruit to the yogurt, while it is making?? It is tart like storebought plain yogurt or can I sweeten it up a little??
    Thank you for all your posts. You are just so creative. I am always excited to see what you post next :)