Thursday, July 22, 2010


Earlier this morning while I was milking Mamie, I heard something... I milk her right outside the hen house. I listened again, for all was quiet in the early morning. The only sounds were the squirts of Mamie's warm milk and her chewing... then, I heard it again. This time, I *knew* I was wasn't hearing things.
I heard a very certain little...
And then again
*cheep, cheep*
One of the hens has hatched off her eggs, says I.
I finished off the milking and walked around the hen house.
There right outside the doorway was this little precious bundle.
We have named her Cleo for now, because of the dark 'eye-liner' she has around her eyes. Cameo thought it made her look Egyptian. And of course Cleopatra, Julius Caesar and Marc Antony was some of our last figures we studied before we ended up this past years homeschool, so it was fresh on their mind.
If 'Cleo' happens to be a boy... because you really can't tell at this point... then she, er I mean he will be called Julius.
We are really starting to feel like a real farm.
I mean, when you have eggs that actually hatch, that's pretty stinkin good, right? :)
I have Cleo inside in a box under a lamp for now. Once her brother and sisters hatch off (Oh, I hope they do)... I am going to try and slip her in with them.
Until then, she is quite happy in her little indoor home.


  1. so adorable! I love the name, too!!! I raised chickens for several years through 4H...is a wonderful thing for the children to learn...so many just assume it comes from Walmart or Bi-Lo! I recall I'd cry when mom would serve the chicken 'n dumplings after dad would take one of mine for supper, but I'd still eat them through my tear filled eyes. lol I've tried to get Jamey interested in the idea, but no prize yet...love your goat, too!!! Goat's milk soap is so wonderful! We use it all the time.

  2. How neat! We had a momma chicken who hatches three or four clutches of eggs in the top of our barn. That was exciting for us.

    If I remember correctly, I think that will be a rooster. We had some that looked EXACTLY like that and they were all roosters. The markings are what I am referring to. I think it will be Julius and not Cleo. :)

  3. Dear Chas, Yes, you are definately a real farm. That baby chick is soooooo very cute. I never realized how easy it is to can peaches, I will try this, if I can get my hands on some peaches. Have a lovely weekend down on the farm and the Lord be with you. Cynthia