Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Summer's Pasta Salad

I seem to be on a theme this week... wonderful summery meals or sides. Yum. You just can't beat summer foods. Fresh crisp veggies. Perfection.
I put this dish together to take over to my Sister's. We are going to try to spend one day together each week, and with her having the pool. She gets the vote to have it at her house. :)
Sooo, I figured I would try to bring some yummy food.
I had a big pot of whole wheat rotini pasta cooked from the night before, so I saved some.
Then I cut up one big tomato
One onion
I cut up half a cabbage and cut it finely
Carrots, cut into little slivers
A can of whole kernel corn, if you have fresh...even better!
I sliced up some olives
A handful of craisins
If I had a cucumber, I would have added that too.
And, if I had a bell pepper, that would have been in there also.
What I am saying here again, just add what you like, take out what you don't!
Once I got to my Sister's house, we added a few splashes of a light Italian dressing and some salt.
You could totally go without it, but we didn't. :)
Such a great way to get in some of your veggies and your whole grains. Yum-o!

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  1. This looks yummy. I appreciate how you "just throw it all together"