Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Summer Kitchen

I love the idea of a summer kitchen. I would LOVE to have an out of doors stove, I think it would be wonderful not to have to heat the house up to bake or cook.
I don't have a traditional summer kitchen, but I have one that works for us. :)
My back porch.
Today I set out my dehydrator and worked up some banana chips. Every time I walk outside I get a strong whiff of bananas. :)
Tomorrow, I plan on setting out my roaster and baking my bread out there.
I also plan on putting a pot of beans in my fire pit in the next few days.
Ahhh, Summer Love!

1 comment:

  1. Hello dear. I agree! A summer kitchen would be fabulous. We've wanted to build one for years. Screened in with a raised deck and wood cook stove. Without a/c, I just avoid baking in the summer. I've been making corn & wheat tortillas. But I just got an artisan bread book and can't wait for cooler weather to experiment!

    Stay cool!