Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Our Little Homestead

I find our lifestyle so enjoyable and rewarding.
Yes, it is work.
Yes, it is sometimes mundane.
No, we don't 'go' and 'do' much...
But... we are home, we are together, and we see God in everything around us... and to me, that means more than anything.

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  1. Chas, I love that. We don't "go" and "do" much either, but life is SO wonderful for us!!! It is incredibly important for family to be the focus of our children's lives while they are young. People get so wrapped up in shopping, and friends, and events, and Hollywood... they forget the simple joys in just being together and loving every fleeting moment of it. If only there were more families like yours, our society would definitely be in a different place.