Thursday, June 24, 2010

Garden Fresh Pizza

Last night, we had the most incredible pizza. 
Oh yum. 
Is that rude to say something like that about your own creation? 
I hope not, because us Southern Gals should not 'toot our own horn'. 
But really... mmmm. :)
I gathered some items from the garden,
     some of ours,                        
                          some given to us by loved ones.
I sliced them all up and sauteed them lightly in a little olive oil.
I sprinkled a little real salt, some oregano, basil, pepper.
Are you getting hungry?
A simple marinara sauce.
A wonderfully versatile quick whole-wheat bread dough.
Some cheese.
A few pepperoni.
Some heat...
I had enough dough for two pizzas, so of course... the kids asked for
I can't wait until this is cheese that we have made from our cows milk! 
...Be patient, Chas... calm down...
I can get completely giddy thinking about the day! :)
But, until then...
pizza that is almost completely homegrown 
totally homemade
                        is soooo much better than you can imagine!                            


  1. We love fresh garden pizza, but I've never precooked the veggies. I'll have to try that next time. We like to add crumbled feta to our squash pizzas, and then we have to put bell peppers and olives on it :) Our number one favorite homemade pizza (not home grown) is fresh cut pineapple!

  2. Both pizzas look delicious!! I'm definitely growing a garden next year!!

    Have a blessed day

  3. That looks divine!!! And homegrown goodness? You are an inspiration! I really don't live can do all that you do but I would love to!!!!

  4. That looks SO, SO, SO Good! I want to make pizza for dinner now, but our garden isn't producing yet. I'll put just about any veggie on pizza. Homegrown is the best! Thanks for sharing those delicious pictures with us.

  5. Looks wonderfully delicious.

    Jill (the big sister)