Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Crazy Fred Meets the Water

Fred, has been renamed Crazy Fred... because of the following story. 
Last week, we caught Fred and took him down to the pond. 
Cameo let him go and he met the water.
Total Love...
He then climbed back up on the land, getting to know the area.
Winn-Dixie decided she wanted a part of the cool water and to take a swim with him.
Fred decided to jump in again... Oh yeah, he likes it we said.
Well, we were wrong...  he came waddling along behind us, 
back to hang with the chickens, again.
Hence the name, Crazy Fred.


  1. We have 15 ducks and can't get one of them to stay at our pond either. They always follow us back up or beat us back to the house. I love your blog. It just keeps getting better and better. You have a beautiful family. Brenda

  2. That is such an amazing picture of Cameo letting go of Fred - you must have had a very quick "trigger finger" to capture that one. ˚Ü˚