Friday, May 21, 2010

Sweet Tart Lemonade

Sweet Tart Lemonade

Last night I had success in finding just the right combination for the Lemonade my family likes… I hope you enjoy it too!

4-5 lemons, juiced
3/4 cup honey
1 cup lemon concentrate

Take your lemons and juice them into a 2 liter pitcher.  Add honey and then 1 cup of hot water to dissolve honey.  Once dissolved add lemon concentrate and COLD water. 
Put in fridge or serve over ice immediately!

Side note: Our family has been trying to get away from soda.  We drink a lot of water or honey sweetened tea.  So this is a nice change to the same ole same ole, and for us it seems to cure that craving for soda.
AND…. for those of us trying to get away from that white sugar demon, this is a great alternative to traditional lemonade or even kool-aid!


  1. OOhhh- sounds wonderful! I am on a lemonade kick, lately. I guess with the summer weather and all the work outside... I think I will try this recipe this weekend. Thank you for sharing it! :)

  2. Sound fabulous! Although I don't think mine could ever taste as good as your without that wonderful jar to put it in.

  3. Dear Chas, I never thought of using honey in my lemonade or sweet tea. Thanks for the recipe. Your lemonade jar is really pretty.
    Have a lovely weekend. God Bless you, Cynthia

  4. Looks Yummy. I have been making lemonade this week and using stevia instead of other sweetener and it is actually very good.

  5. I LOVE your lemonade jar.....it is AWESOME!.

    Now, where do you find lemon concentrate? that is the only thing i am missing in order to make this.....

    is it the sweet/tart kind like Chick-Fil-A has?

  6. Great recipe! I love the container you have the lemonade in.