Thursday, May 20, 2010

Customizing Jeans

Is it me… or is even our local Wal-Mart’s getting a bit extravagant in the price of blue jeans lately? I mean really… I don’t want to spend $17 for a pair of blue jeans my kids will outgrow in a minute or just because they have  ridiculous Hannah Montana’s name on the tag.
Actually, I don’t want to spend $17 a pair for blue jeans for ME! either!
 SO there… I said it. 
And don’t even get me started with the whole Target frugalista bit, ack! I didn’t know spending $49.99 on a dress was considered frugal.
Oh, I’m sorry… I get off on my own little soap-boxes sometimes and just run.
Customizing blue jeans… that’s why you were here right?
Ok, so my Carlie Jean is a bit thick around the middle.
~Yeah, it comes from me. ~
So she needs a jean with a bit more give there. She is tall for her age also, so finding just the right jean is not always easy.
The other day I was visiting a favorite thrift store and came across a sweet little pair of Levi’s with elastic in the back (love it).
For a $1.75 no less, RIGHT ON!

They fit with ease around the middle, but still were a good few inches too long.
I cut off the excess folded up a hem and sewed this trim along the edge. I think they are absolutely precious. And CJ loves them too!
It is a cute Little Red Riding Hood trim I found from etsy. 

So now she has two pair of jeans… Score!
Ideally, I would like to find her a sweet little red hooded sweater to wear along with them… how adorable would that be???

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  1. Hello~ I can so relate to not wanting to spend $17 for jeans for your kids or yourself. Oh and the who Target (and Alberstons) being places to shop to be frugal-who are they kidding? LOL :O)
    I think the jeans are adorable. Your kiddos are so lucky to have you as their mother!
    Have a great day,
    Lisa :o)