Friday, April 23, 2010

Wearing your baby

When my Abram was a baby, I was gifted a ring sling. I LOVED it!
I now make them for my etsy shop.
I took these pictures long ago to show how versatile the ring sling can be.
If I had a baby... :)
Carlie Jean's baby doll makes for a good example  of how you can wear your baby snuggled up against your bosom. :)
And now wearing my little man...
You can wear your bigger ones on your back... he looks thrilled, eh? haha
Abe has gotten extremely goofy and when I ask him to smile, he LOVES being silly. :)
Here is how you can wear them on your side. It is so nice because when you wear your baby, they stay close to you and you still have your hands free. 

Any Moma of little ones has to love that. ;)

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