Monday, April 12, 2010

Sunshine Yellow

If you know me in the least... you know my incredible LOVE for the color yellow. It has always been one of my favorite colors. I guess because it is associated with sunshine, and I do enjoy a sunshiney day.
Thursday and Friday were filled with a lot of painting this glorious color.
At first I was a bit afraid I had picked a neon shade with the first stroke of my brush, but thankfully after seeing it all come together it was just what I wanted.
A cheery room
Just what a kitchen and living room should be. :)
The picture above shows where we took down the wall... You can see a glimpse of the cedar header and post, we had to have it because it was a load-bearing wall.
While I was painting, I told my Mom... this reminds me of lemons, which reminds me... I want to make a lemon cake. One with lemon curd between the layers.
Another time...
Now, we must paint.
And we certainly did.
I will post a picture of my kitchen soon, I want to finish up first.
I want to run some ivy around the top of my cabinets.
Behind the couch I plan on making a collage of family pictures in a myriad of frames. It will be a work in progress... I will take pics along the way.

As we were sitting in the living room this morning getting our day started, I looked around and gave a happy, contented sigh.
At almost the same time Shannon looked over and said, I really like how the living room looks.
Now that says a lot!

Have a great day my friends.


  1. Love the color! Also I really like the pictures at the top bar of your blog. :)

  2. Your beautiful yellow room makes me smile! Congratulations on a huge painting job well done!

    A dear friend wanted an unusual photo wall so she painted a huge tree with long horizontal flowing branches. She then painted in some heart shaped leaves, and is adding family photos in green frames. It is absolutely beautiful! I would never have the courage though, LOL!

    Can't wait to see your finished kitchen! Have a blessed day!

  3. Looks great! Can't wait to see more pictures.

    I've got the itch to paint, too. Unfortunately, it will have to wait a bit.

    Have a great day!

  4. I love the color! My kitchen is yellow to. :-)