Thursday, April 8, 2010

Rainy Thursday...

Well, just after I said, I don't have a lot of time... haha
Which I really don't, but the sad fact is, I am procrastinating from beginning a ginormous job of painting my living room and kitchen.
I really want it done, but it is a monumental task with four children and there is just no way around that.
So instead of painting like I should be, I am going to share some pictures.
Alright, alright... I will quit jabbering and get on with it so I can go paint. ;)
Yesterday, I made this.
I had seen these before and told myself I was going to make one, but had since forgotten about them. Then my dear friend Rachel made one and the memory was sparked and so here we go...
The above is a topsy-turvy pot stand.
Rachel made a great tutorial if you want to take a look...http://www.pbase.com/rachelpennington/image/123334463
if not, here is the skinny.
You take a 5.5' piece of rebar and drive it in the ground. Put a 10" pot on first (just put the rebar through the hole), fill with soil and then layer your other four 8" pots in a topsy-turvy manner. Fill them with soil and plant. I put some news paper down first thing before I drove my rebar in so I can mulch around it to keep the weeds down.

Yes, folks... I have a toilet in my yard. A toilet filled with flowers no less. And I just love it!
I am thinking I will fill the tank with water also and plant in the back too. I planted some dianthus, lantana and alyssum and one more thing (can't remember right off) in there.  Yeah, it is a bit goofy and weird, but it suits me well. So there. ;)

Here is my little ole goodwill find from last year. It was a light brown wicker. I took to painting it yesterday to make it the same whitewashed look as the rest of my porch furniture. Quick, easy and very satisfying.  The GORGEOUS pot of begonias beside it help even more. :)

I hope you have a beautiful day.


  1. Thanks so much for the link to how you made your topsy turvy plant stand. It is great. I just have to figure out where I want to put it.
    Have a wondeful day!
    Lisa :o)

  2. LOVE all of it!!! I would just love to come and have tea with you on your pretty porch! :) Have a great day!

  3. That is fabulous!!! I may have to make one for my almost 6yo to be in charge of! I adore your toilet planter and your chair. I've seen claw footed bath tubs filled with flowers and that tickles me. :o)

    Enjoy your painting and I'm off to find out what a rebar is, lol......

  4. I think the topsy-turvy pot stand, is way to cool!! I've seen them around before, and I've wondered, "how do people get pots to stand on top of each other like that withought them falling off??" lol looks like a fun thing to do:)

  5. Chas, Love the toilet! I think the topsy turvey pots are adorable too. Glad you had the time to visit. Hope the painting goes well. I am in need of painting my bathroom. I can never decide what color to pick. ;)
    God Bless you. Cynthia