Tuesday, April 20, 2010

New Members to the Homestead

Over the weekend we happily welcomed some new members to our little homestead.
My Dad brought over a catfish that he had caught and then told me that a friend of his came by and put about 20+ fish in our pond without even telling me. WOO HOO! Time to get the bait and tackle ready! :) Eli has been eagerly wanting to fish since his trip to Skymont with the Scouts. :)
We have a brand new pair of guinea fowl. Hooray! I have been wanting some of these critters for a while now. They are AWESOME at eating ticks and ants and are great 'watch dogs'.
And for us... they are good alarm clocks too!
This is how we woke up yesterday morning.
Papua New Guinea was on top of Shannon's truck crowing like a mad-man. It was great.

I haven't seen Mama New Guinea this morning, but hopefully she is just learning her way around her new home. :)
Have a great day!


  1. Dearest Chas, My Momma's family is from the south and how she loves catfish. That is one fine looking fish. The guinea fowl is really kinda pretty. I've never seen one before. Your homestead is full of life. Happy for you.
    God Bless. Cynthia

  2. Oh, I'm wanting guinneas sooo bad :) I can't have them yet though. I've got 14 5 week old chicks and 4 2 wk old pilgrim geese, so I think guinnea keets would push my husband completely over the edge! Next year if yours have babies and mine have babies wanna trade guinneas and geese?

  3. Love what you named your birds.
    Ya know, I was telling my Emma's dad (not dh) that she wants to be a homesteader, and he said, "Do people do that anymore?" lol, YES!!