Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Kindly Quiet

Around here, when we say something is a 'little' this or a 'little' that... sometimes we say 'kindly'.
Like today... I feel kindly quiet. :)
More like it is kindly quiet for several days, huh?
Life has been busily humming along here.
Scouts crossing over ceremony and AWANA ending up for the year at church.
Trying to round up some of our big projects in our lessons for the year.
Seeing and feeling our temperatures shoot back down after such summery weather.
It has been days full to overflowing...
Still the majority of the garden hasn't been planted. :(
Still, we need to repair the root cellar.
But, we will be happy with what we can get accomplished.
So until I can get anything more exciting around this space, please enjoy some pictures of our latest goings-on. :)

1 comment:

  1. Before you revamped this page, you had a tutorial on making laundry soap. Fortunately I wrote the directions down, spent 2 full years trying to find washing soda locally, and finally made the best laundry detergent we've ever had. The first batch did not gel up, no problem. We quit itching for whatever reason/ingredient. The next batch I used some linden soap we found in dad's stocking at Christmas. Wonderful results! We feel very spoiled walking into the laundry room now. So this didn't have anything to do with this post, but I have thought many times about thanking you for this. Blessings.