Tuesday, April 13, 2010


I've been taking quite a few pictures of the kids lately... like I told you, I want to make a pretty collage of pictures in frames behind my couch. This is one that I LOVE. I actually had my camera on accent color, yellow. This is what it picked up. I LOVE the touches.
For those of you who will ask... my camera is a Canon Power Shot S5 IS.
I LOVE it, I still don't know all the features, but I love it and love learning more about it all the time. :)
I hope you enjoy your day, I am eager to get outside after school later.
The days are so gorgeous lately...
Be blessed.


  1. Dearest Chas, What a beautiful picture. Your sunshine yellow is awesome too. Have a lovely spring day. God Bless you, Cynthia

  2. I have a Canon S2IS. It has been fun to learn to use. I'd love a Rebel.