Thursday, March 18, 2010

Kombucha Tea: Part 3

Alrighty... by the magic of blog-a-vision we are now a week later and ready to bottle up our Kombucha!

I brought my jars out of my closet and snapped a pic of the mushrooms floating in the tea.  They almost look like a Jellyfish!  They can float, they can sink, they can rise all the way to the top.. it is all fine!

As you can see, this one floated to the top of this jar.

A healthy culture. 

Ok, now what I do is take the tea and run it through a strainer and collect any gunk that forms in the tea, little bits of the yeast.  It isn't going to hurt you to drink it but it is NOT pleasant.
I strain it into a large measuring cup that has a spout for pouring...

Here is a picture of some of the collected yeast that is strained... it is a bit like a glob of mucus... Yes, I know it is gross! But remember the good qualities, plus you are not drinking this part!

Now I place a funnel into our bottles... I got these from a place that sells the stuff to brew your own beer and wine.  These bottles are GREAT because they are resealable so there is no need for new corks or new caps!
I fill them as full as I can get them.

I have 10 beautiful bottles of Kombucha ready for the second brewing stage.  I had 12 but I broke one and one is loaned out.  I also have almost 8 cups of Kombucha left over that I don't have bottles for.  I am thinking about buying another case of bottles for Shannon for Christmas, he loves the stuff!

Ok, this is what you do now.  Place the bottles or jars or whatever you store it in, back in a dark storage area for 5 more days... ***I used to not do this step...*** I do now because it makes  a HUGE difference!!!!
While in the storage for the second brewing the Tea becomes bubbly, like soda or champagne and mellows a bit... It really makes a tremendous change!
So make sure you don't forget this step.
Now you are ready to start the process over again!


  1. Chasity, my husband loves kombocha from the store, but I'm afraid to try to make it because I think he might not like the kind I made. Could I pay you to give me a bottle for him to try? And then I could give you back the bottle and I'd know then if this is something worth doing. Personally, I don't like it :) We jokingly call it lugi (sp?) juice.

    The children and I have been in the garden all week. We made a 26' raised bed yesterday and today we're digging up irises and throwing them over the garden fence. I can't find anyone to take anymore, and I don't care to plant anymore- they're all over as it is. We're going to plant potatos and asparagus in their place. I'm excited about the asparagus- I made room for 48 plants!

    I could give you 100 irises for a bottle of kombocha -hehe

  2. I'm interested in know what it tastes like b/c I've never tried it. Does it taste like funky, carbonated tea? Can you buy this in the grocery store?

  3. We made our first batch last week. I'm making another batch now. My first one the scoby was at the top and this one is at the bottom. I know they say it's normal but I feel like it isn't working right, lol. I need some of those bottles you have. Aren't you afraid they will explode? I'm so afraid of them exploding...

  4. I think Kombucha kind of tastes like vinegar. It is an acquired taste! But my kids and I love it. You can add fruit juice to the finished product and it makes it more palatable.

    I didn't know about putting the bottled Kombucha aside for more time. No wonder why mine's not been so bubbly! I will try that.