Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Kombucha Tea: Part 2

Well, here we are at part 2! How to make Kombucha Tea!!!
Oh I also wanted to let you know Kombucha is said Kom-boo-cha
We used to say it differently so I thought you might not know either!

Step 1
You have to start with a HEALTHY shroom.  You can order these from different sources, some can be quite pricey too, so watch out.  

Don't be alarmed at the sausages you see on the side of the shroom, you will not have these, they are just my fingers!
AND the brown stuff... NO BIG DEAL!!! This is just the yeast that grows!! SO don't freak out!

Step 2: Brew the tea
For 2 gallons, I use 6 regular size black tea bags and 4 green tea bags
You can use all black tea or all green, but we like the mixture!
Now this is important!
Use a Stainless Steel pan, not a nonstick or any other type of pan. Only Stainless for this...

Step 3: Prepare your jars, I use 2, 1 gallon jars and you want to put 1 cup of sugar in each! Now, don't worry about the sugar, this is what the SCOBY feeds on!

Pour your tea up in your jars and stir to dissolve the sugar!
Let this sit until it is lukewarm, you don't want to put your mushrooms in until it is lukewarm because you will kill all that healthy bacteria if you put it in too hot!

Once your tea is cooled then you want to add a mushroom to your jar and add about 2 Tbsp. of Tea from your last batch of tea. 
Now, take a linen napkin and use it to cover your jar and then put a rubber band around the mouth of the jar.
Stick this in a cool dry place (preferably NOT in the kitchen, because you want this to be away from the smells and heat from the kitchen) and leave it undisturbed for a week to 10 days!

Now you have Part 2 done! In a week you will have some nice tea to bottle, AND new Scoby's to share!

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  1. We love kombucha! I am actually probably addicted to it! It really makes me feel healthier and gives me a boost of energy between meals!