Saturday, February 6, 2010

New Skills

(This was a picture from a good while back... I have since learned that I was holding my needles wrong) :)
On the path to more self sufficient living I have a desire to learn more skills, to be able to make and do more things myself, of course. :)
One thing that I have wanted to do for a long time is knit.  I have picked it up before, but it was awkward and cumbersome... I felt very backwards.  Being one that crochets rather rapidly (in my own opinion... haha) I knew this would take some getting used to.  I picked up my first knitting needles years ago only to lay them back down. 

 I have been practicing on and off and then last week I was shown that I was indeed not knitting correctly... (not a surprise) :) 
Now I am again learning the correct method and am actually working on a pattern that includes knitting and purling! Tell me how impressed you are... ha ha. :)
It is incredibly slow go, but with each row I feel more confident and more capable and very excited to know that I am learning and who knows what I will be able to do before long. I have a Christmas present in mind already once I get the hang of it a bit better. :)
So are you on the path also?
 Do you long for a more self-sufficient lifestyle?
 If so what are you doing to make that path a reality?
Are you learning all you can about raising chickens?
Are you baking your own breads?
Have  you kicked out your urge to buy convenience foods?
Do you have plans for a garden this year?
Do you have land you plan on farming?
Share with me your plans, your steps, no matter how small or big...
Steps or steps... remember a baby doesn't start with giant leaps, it starts with the smallest of steps. :)
Have a wonderful day and learn something new! :)
My Cup Runneth Over...



  1. This year, I am planning on stepping it up to a different level on this idea...

    I got hubby a bee hive, so we are going to be producing honey/ bees wax. I have ordered heirloom seeds to plant a larger garden and then save the seeds. I am also planning to can/ freeze/ dehydrate more. We just got goats to milk, are getting broiler chickens and a cow, we are upping our egg layer chickens also. I have been for a while trying to cut out more and more of the "convenience foods", doing more foods from scratch, and cutting our budget (food, etc).

    Cutting/ adding... I am SO excited about having more control over what we are eating. :)

  2. We are also learning to knit.

    As a little girl, my Granny taught me to crochet. Then, a few years ago, I taught my daughter.
    Granny tried to teach me to knit but I just have never been able to get the hang of knitting.
    My daughter and I are trying! We finally found a video that we can understand.
    But like you said, knitting feels awkward and cumbersome.
    So, we will just keep trying!

    We are doing our own SFG. (Last year it was a shared space at my sisters.) We have our boxes made and are in the process of getting the rest of the supplies we will need.
    Sooo exciting!!!

    Jill (the big sister)