Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A place for everything...

Cameo is now old enough that she has a variety of earrings and doesn't really have a place to keep them. I came up with a neat way to display and hang them when she isn't wearing them.


If she gets a new pair, there is more than enough room to move some over and make room for the new set.
It looks pretty and it is handy.
Love that...

My Cup Runneth Over...


  1. impressive Chasity! I am trying to figrue something to do with my jewelry right now too. BUt I'm looking for something to put on my closet wall maybe....=)
    You are so creative!!!!

  2. Love it! Beauty & function together! :)

  3. Isn't there a law about posting something cool like that without sharing HOW to do it?!?

  4. What a great idea! It's so pretty :)

  5. Such a great ideal. They are so pretty and effecient too. Have a wonderful day!