Thursday, January 14, 2010

Turkey Talk

Around Christmastime a friend of ours blessed us with a turkey. His work gave him one and he, being a bachelor and having a Mom who made ham for Christmas, he decided that we would probably get more out of it then him...
Indeed! :)
I put it in the deep freeze and brought it out last Thursday. On Friday morning I cut up some of the breast and fried the pieces up in coconut oil and had the fried turkey with biscuits and gravy for our family for breakfast.  (Don't knock it till you try it... it is a family tradition around Thanksgiving time)
After breakfast I put the remainder of the turkey in a LARGE stockpot and cooked up the rest.
After picking the turkey clean of meat I then returned all the bones back to the stockpot and added some veggies and made stock.
Out of that one turkey let me tell you how many meals I rendered...
  1. Fried Turkey Breast, with biscuits and gravy for breakfast/
  2. Fried rice, rice was cooked in turkey stock and then pieces of meat and vegetables was added into the final product.
  3. Turkey stew. Stock, meat and veggies were added together with leftover rice (made with turkey stock) for a very satisfying and warm lunch.
  4. Turkey and veggies.
  5.  Turkey Pot Pie
  6. I really used lots of veggies in the mix to make the meat stretch farther, so we had leftovers for these meals, giving Shannon lunches for the next day! SCORE!!
  7. And I have about 8 more quarts of stock in the freezer.
What a blessing!!!
Out of one bird we were fed and nourished so many times.
Thank you to our sweet friend, your gift was truly enjoyed. :)
My Cup Runneth Over...


  1. Chas,

    That's exciting to hear that you made so many meals from one turkey. I don't know if we talked about it, but we raised turkeys last year for the first time. They are very friendly animals and great for pasturing. I traded two toms to some friends, and they were each 40 lbs! The hen we saved for our Thanksgiving meal and it was 25 lbs. We shared it with friends and had a wonderful meal from just 1 breast. There was so much left over to be frozen for future meals. We rendered a wonderful stock from the carcass and canned it. It feels great to make so much of my family's meals from scratch.

    Best wishes.


  2. I just wanted to tell you we made chocolate syrup this morning from your recipe. The kids love it! Thanks for sharing.