Wednesday, January 20, 2010

School time= Fun time

When thinking about my children and what gifts we would like for them to have this past Christmas, Shannon and I agreed that we wanted at least one of their gifts to be something we could use for school.
The children were equally excited to see some of the goodies they received.
A kit to make a mud clock and a soda can robug.
We have thoroughly enjoyed both of these
Here is a video for the robug
And here are some pics of our mud clock.

Here is a cool fact...

Volta discovered that if you put two different metals in a liquid that was slightly acidic (like vinegar) a small electric current would flow between the metals.  He used silver and copper as well as other metals.  Volta also discovered that he could increase the battery voltage by connecting the metal pairs together in a series as in our clock

Groovy, huh? :)

Learning is great... especially when it is alongside your children.
Have a beautiful day!

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