Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Preparing for our Garden

I was THRILLED to receive our seeds in the mail over the weekend... my dreams of gardens and raised beds and spring is nearing the corner.
This will be a first time that I will be starting all our veggies from seed.  I have bought transplants at the local nursery for the longest... but this year I want to try to go as organic as possible and I know the nursery uses treated seeds and pesticides.
I am aware there will be some success as well as some failures. But all in all, I know that I am coming out better in the long run this way.
I have my little growing trays ready, I have cleaned out my windowsills and I am planning on finding an UV light to help the warmer-blooded seeds along, when the time comes.
Such an exciting time.

Happy Gardening!
My Cup Runneth Over...


  1. I'll be watching your progress, I'm determined to hava a garden this year. But it'll be ages before I can get started up here! Oh, and I'm going to be trying the vanilla coffee creamer recipe, looks like it will make a good gift, too :) thanks for sharing!

  2. Oh, I know how you feel!
    My SFG boxes are built and sitting in my garden spot. We have organic seeds.
    Come On Spring!!! :)

    Jill (the big sister)

  3. We just got our seeds too . . . so exciting. We're going to seed the cold weather crops (leeks, peas, etc.) indoors in the near future. We'll keep you posted on our successes and (hopefully few) failures. Good luck to you on your garden this year.