Wednesday, December 16, 2009

A Purple Dress for Carlie Jean

My youngest daughter Carlie Jean loves purple. LOVES IT!
McCall's pattern 5966
She has been asking for a purple dress for Christmas. So over the weekend I decided that I would make her one. I have been inspired from Anna over at Pleasant View Schoolhouse, and so like her, I used flannel. I opted not to use a ruffle on the bottom, but have been thinking I just might use one on the next one. :)
Other variations I decided to make...
I didn't put a zipper in, I knew it would be an easy fit over her head with the v-neck.
I also made it a good bit longer than the dress in the pictures. I like her dresses longer, especially when it is cold out.
A nice warm dress in vibrant purple for the many months of cold after Christmas, what a happy gift. :)
She helped me pick out the fabric and I enjoyed making it for her so much. Knowing that she will go to that dress and know Moma made it and that I love her so much, and that flannel will keep her nice and warm, makes a Moma's heart happy just thinking about it...
I hope you are having a wonderful day.... 10 days til Christmas!
Merry, Merry!!! :)
My Cup Runneth Over...


  1. Chas,
    I had put this pattern in my basket and I just got an email saying that the price dropped from $7.19 to $3.99, so I went to check things out and ALL of the McCall's little kid patterns are $3.99!
    Oh, how to choose?


  2. AHH!! Easy Stitch and Save patterns are $2.99!